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Anti-aging treatment

Our clinic’s popular treatments to “rejuvenate your skin”

Anti-aging treatment

We provide you youthful appearance with no wrinkles and no dullness

Recommended to those

  • Who want to keep youthfulness and health
  • Who want to keep beautiful skin resilient, glossy and smooth-textured
  • Who want to improve your wrinkles and sagging in your face, and stay beautiful for good

What is Anti-aging treatment

With increasing age, people notice some kind of change of the skin and appearance, like “The skin is losing resilience” ”As the skin become rough, wrinkles and sagging in the face come to stand out”. These changes are called “Aging”, which is troubling many people.

Anti-aging treatment is a treatment to recover resilience, gloss and smooth-texture, and rejuvenate your skin.

Our clinic offer a rich selection of anti-aging treatment to realize rejuvenation. We support your wish to “stay young and beautiful for good” using the injection・the drip, and your own blood which is effective on rejuvenation of the skin.

The order of Anti-aging treatment

G6PD test(for the first time only)
Blood purifying treatment 詳細を見る
High-concentration vitamin C drip
Super Placenta 詳細を見る

Price list

1 time JPY320,000.00(tax excluded)
3 times course JPY800,000.00 (JPY260,000.00/ 1 time) (tax excluded)
6 times course JPY1,280,000.00 (JPY210,000.00/ 1 time) (tax excluded)
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