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“Placental tissue treatment”, anti-aging care that revive cells Super Placenta products

“Placental tissue treatment”, anti-aging care that revive cells

Super Placenta products

About 560 times concentration of Melsmon and Laennec ! Have an effect on skin-whitening, recovery from exhaustion, improvement of sensitivity to cold.

Recommended to those

  • Who are troubled with rough skin, acne or resilience of skin
  • Who are troubled with stiff shoulders, lumbago or sensitivity to cold
  • Who want to improve tired feeling and have a fatigueless healthy body
  • Who want to strengthen the immune system and improve your health
  • Who feel disturbance of the hormone balance, like menstrual irregularity or menopause
  • Who want higher effect and longer duration than that of conventional placenta products injection

what is Super Placenta

It is the latest placenta which have higher effect and longer duration than conventional placenta(Melsmon, Laennec). Super Placenta is 100% placental tissue, containing 25000mg placenta extract in a 25ml tube, and it is equivalent to more than 500times concentration of existing Melsmon and Laennec.

Super Placenta contains material whose function is to activate cells and keep its number, and it activates defense function and immune function of the body. It is a treatment to increase self-healing power of the body without using drugs.


Placenta extract is extracted from placenta. Placenta of pigs, horses, sheep or others is used for cosmetics, beauty care drinks and more, while placenta derived from the human body is only used for Placenta products injection at medical institutions. In case of the placenta derived from the human body only for the use of placenta products injection at medical institutions, they are all of Japanese, using placenta provided by Japanese maternity hospitals.


Placenta products is one of the skin-whitening agent approved by Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Because it reduces the formation of melanin which is the cause of skin spot, you can expect whitening effect.

Produce a proper hormone balance

It contains Nerve Growth Factor(NGF), and it has the effect of producing a proper hormone balance. So it enhances ovarian function, and you can expect improvement of menopausal disorder, menstrual pain and more.

Promotion of metabolism

It contains 5 major nutrients, protein, sugar, vitamin, mineral, and they boost metabolism, then you can expect recovery of your health and fatigue.

By injecting Placenta products, it promotes improvement of tissues of your whole body, internal organs and skin, and have effects on moderation of an autonomic nerve and hormone balance. Also we can expect cosmetic results like anti-aging effects. It is also used for hay fever, bronchial asthma, and autonomic ataxia.

Medicinal action

basal metabolism improvement action
diet・rejuvenation(cell activation)
moderation of an autonomic nerve
moderation of internal secretion
menopausal disorder・hot flash・beautiful skin
detoxification・strengthening the function of a liver
detox・hangover・tired feeling
cold・influenza prevention
beautiful skin effect
skin whitening・preventing wrinkles・dry skin・hypersensitivity
hemopoietic role・ improve blood circulation action
anemia・stiff shoulders・sensitivity to cold・dropsy
anti-inflammatory action
hay fever・bronchitis・nasal catarrh・atopy

What is specified biological product?

Product using materials derived from animal is called “biological product”. Among them, product produced using human blood or tissue is called in particular “specified biological product”.

When we use materials derived from human or animal, there is a risk of those which cause infection, like virus entering into the system. So various special treatments have been taken to ensure safety.

For specified biological product, doctors are required to give an appropriate explanation to patients about the system to confirm the safety of each material we use, effects and safety of the material, risk like side effects.

What is human placental tissue treatment?

Human placental tissue treatment is a treatment that is designed so that placental tissue can be injected effectively without placing a burden on a patient, by breaking up placental tissues. Because they were segmentalized using enzymes, etc. they are easily absorbed, and you can feel the effect very quickly.

Treatment Process

Quantity and the way of administration is decided based on the counseling with a doctor.

Super Placenta product is injected subcutaneously

Quantity and the way of administration is decided based on the counseling with a doctor.
Super Placenta product is injected subcutaneously

Super Placenta Price list

Injection 25cc JPY168,000.00(tax excluded)
Drip 2cc JPY42,000.00(tax excluded)

Detailed Information

Treatment Time about 30 minutes
visit clinic Recommended about once every 4 weeks.
pain It might hurt a little bit, but just for an instant.
anesthesia No need
make-up possible from the day
bathing・cleansing・shampoo possible from the day
Important notice and risk after treatment

◼︎There are cases you feel pain around injection site for 2~3 days.

◼︎There are cases you feel fatigue for 2 days.

◼︎Alcohol prohibited on the day

◼︎Don’t rub or scratch around injection site

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