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What is “Beauty Regenerative Medicine”

”Beauty Regenerative Medicine” is a method for Anti-aging using self-renewing capacity we naturally have.

Considering your feelings “want to be rejuvenated “want to keep yourself beautiful forever”, we are providing “fat injection” using fatty liver cells, “rejuvenation treatment” “hair regeneration” and so on, applying “regenerative medicine”

What is modern regenerative technique “Regenerative Medicine”

Regenerative medicine is a medicine aiming to restore the function of body by regenerating lost or damaged cells, tissues and organs with illness or accidents.

So far in the medical site, medicine and surgical operation are used to treat patients who lost tissues or organs. But in the case of severe damage, sometimes they can’t be treated only by medicine and surgical operation. And “organ transplants” are applied in such cases.

Organ transplant method is an effective treatment for transplanting organs. But transplanting organs of others have ethical problem. Also there are other problems like rejection, and finding donors.

Against “organ transplant” that has ethical problems and possible rejection, recently research on “Regenerative Medicine” has proceeded as latest treatment.

Methods actually used for “Regenerative Medicine” are cloning, organ culture, using pluripotent stem cell(ES cells, IPS cells), research on guided tissue regeneration

“Guided tissue regeneration” means transfusion of umbilical cord blood, stem-cell therapy, immunotherapy, PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma), Cytokine therapy and more. In America producing human stomach using stem cells, and in England making organs function normally by self-renewal were success.

Like this, research on “Regenerative Medicine” has been proceeded worldwide, and there is a great expectation toward it.

“Beauty Regenerative Medicine” applying regenerative medicine.

“want to stay young forever” “want to keep yourself beautiful and healthy” ,those are common desire shared by the world
Many patients come to our clinic to be treated with “Beauty Regenerative Medicine”

By solving troubles with age like wrinkles, sagging of face, thinning hair and so on,
We are happy to help you to make your lives more prosperous.

Keep providing our patients “satisfaction” through advanced medical treatment-

A CLINIC approaches Anti-Aging from various different angles.
We wish you all the happiness while aiming to develop Beauty Regenerative Medicine.

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